‘The Impossible City’ Synopsis

I entered the Literature Works, First Page competition as well. I had intended to post the synopsis here but due to a technical fail I missed out on your feedback 🙂

Anyway, I have posted it here for you guys. It was rather hard condensing the story arc into 150 words and the result is very clipped, but it is the whole story in a nutshell…

“The Impossible City is set in 1914; the story opens with a comet striking the North Sea. The ensuing tsunami devastates East Anglia. One survivor is teenager Sal Morrow, sent to London before the disaster.

In London a murder and a chance meeting with a stranger called Max leaves Sal no choice than to escape with him to Devon. There he meets a group of adventurers who have traced the comet’s origin to the Himalaya.

In the Himalaya they discover a hidden valley containing an ancient city. Discovering a plot to provoke a war in Europe they must battle an enemy who covets ultimate power. But there is more at stake, the future of civilisation as the Gods of myth seek to reclaim and enslave humanity.

In the ensuing struggle Sal loses many new friends but manages to defeat the enemy. He returns, changed forever and inherits a new destiny.”


4 thoughts on “‘The Impossible City’ Synopsis

  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am going to spend the time from now until the end of the year working out a submission for the Richard & Judy competition. I don’t believe my book is what they are looking for, or ‘good enough’ but it will give me a much-needed deadline to work towards.

    I am very interested in how the plot pans out into a full synopsis and what that might tell me about the book regarding theme and character relationships I was not already aware of.


  2. Nice job, Peter. That sums it up perfectly. A lot better than I could have done. Good luck to all. I wimped out and didn’t post mine.


  3. Wow, you got a lot into 150 words; that’s very clear and concise. I didn’t even attempt to explain the ins and outs of the plot in mine – it was more of a blurb. Interesting to see how differently people approach writing a synopsis. From my experience of submitting to publishers, even they seem to vary greatly in what they want. Good luck to all!


  4. That is a brilliant synopsis, well done. Got the character arc and everything. It says loads more than mine and shows that you clearly have a plot worked out – unlike me. Good luck:)


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