Don’t Self-Sabotage Your Self-Publishing Career

Martine Lillycrop

Every writer wants to get published.  For most of us, it’s about the only extrovert desire we have, and even that’s pretty introverted, since we do it from the sanctuary of our laptop, our only contact with the outside world being a trip to the post office to send off our submissions.  In fact, that’s becoming rarer these days, too, since more publishers are willing to accept online submissions.

For most of us, success is a long way off, even after we’ve completed the final draft of our labour of love.  For most of us, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, of trips to the post office.  Until then, we have the choice of either being patient and keeping faith in our work, or going, “hell with it”, and self-publishing.

As I said in my post ‘Getting it out There’ getting your book self-published is relatively easy, and…

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