To the Girl On the Back of a Bike

Chip Tolson has kindly let me post the first of a group of hisgirl and boy on bicycle poems


Her chauffeur took her past
On the bracket of his bike
Which he weaved through the cars
Waiting for the lights.

She sat upon the bracket
With a side-saddled seat
As the cobbles whipped past
Beneath her stockinged feet.

She seemed so unperturbed
By the hurry and the smell,
By the clatter of a tram
And the clanging of its bell.

Through the traffic and the crush
They disappeared from sight
As he pedalled with the rush
Away into the night.


4 thoughts on “To the Girl On the Back of a Bike

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  2. This reminds me of being in Amsterdam. I’ve had many side saddle rides like this. The cobbled streets and trams, makes me thing that’s where it’s set.
    I love the cobbles whipping past and her stockinged feet and the fleeting moment of it all.


    • Yes, it was many years ago in Amsterdam. I was a national serviceman stationed in Germany on a 48 hour pass sitting drinking a beer in apavement cafe on Rembrantsplein. The poem almost composed itself as she went by.


  3. Lovely observation of a single, simple moment. I love the anonymity of the girl and her stockinged feet; her trust in her ‘chauffeur’ and his knight-errant task of conveying her so dashingly through the traffic.


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