Exmoor Night by Chip Tolson


Dark Exmoor night; see lights shine out from shedsexmoor
Where panting ewes and standing cows bide time
As through the night tired souls get up from beds
And go again to watch their stock. Hours chime,
They wish themselves asleep some more and yet
Seek out first signs of stirring life. They wait
To ease the way with skill or call the vet
When trouble shows and problem signs dictate
Till bleating lambs and rasping licks relieve
Concern and nursing dams bring young to suck.
The dawning sky creeps in new day to weave
And skippy legs with wagging tails can buck
About their pen. The school bus comes uphill
To take the kids to class against their will.


4 thoughts on “Exmoor Night by Chip Tolson

    • Thank you all for your comments. I have never been prolific with poems, but over the years I have put poetic pen to paper from time to time. The origin for ‘Exmoor Night’ was a time in the late nineties when I put in a few night time hours in a neighbours calving shed. The initial poem was a longer piece then revised into sonnet form (is it a sonnet?) at a later date.
      Thanks, Chip


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