You Know You’re a Writer When…

Among the great swathe of unpublished writers, it can be difficult to know just when to call Calvin-Writingyourself a writer. Is it when you join your first writing course, when you begin your first novel, or when you finish your first draft? Do you have to be published to call yourself a writer? And what happens if you self publish? Learning to spot the traits of being a writer can help you and your family cope.

Here are some signs to help you diagnose the condition known as ‘being a writer’.

You know you’re a writer when:

  • you have a pen and pad in every bag you own – you know, just in case divine inspiration strikes…it could happen.
  • you go to cafes for the people watching, rather than the cake or the coffee.
  • you have spent more than you care to admit on ‘how to write’ books.
  • after you’ve enjoyed a book by a new author, you read the author blurb to calculate how old they were when they were first published and celebrate when they’re older than you are now.
  • you see writing courses, Moleskin notebooks, tablets or laptops as worthwhile, if expensive, investments in your writing that could make all the difference.
  • if friends ask ‘how’s the book going?’ you run from the room crying and wish you’d never told anyone about your futile endeavour.
  • halfway through your latest project you suddenly realise that your idea is total crap and wonder how you ever deluded yourself to get this far with it. Gin is the only answer.
  • writing ‘the end’ is the happiest moment in your life

Are you a writer? What are your symptoms?



9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…

  1. I like these, I am guilty of all of them…

    I keep getting notebooks as presents which is really sweet but also it’s a message to me… WRITE WRITE darn you!!

    Of course I have several carefully notebooks lined up for the current project, all of which are blank at the moment…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t get notebooks that often, but do use them. I have a few that are too nice to write in heh he. I like putting ideas and planning down on paper, rather than PC – it’s good to leaf through my idea pool to see the evolution of a WIP or spark new ideas.


      • That is my trouble too, my brother brought a beautiful leather bound back from Italy for me with empty sketching pages in it, and I don’t want to spoil it!


  2. Does it count if you have oodles and oodles of empty moleskin books all waiting for that special moment?
    Not only that, but a boxful of pens and writing tools also waiting in the wings?
    If you have an idea, work at it endlessly, then totally forget it for ages before going back to it?
    Does writing a 60,000 word novel when you are thirteen count, but it is so bad that you can’t even manage to re-read it yourself?!!!!!!
    Do proper writers get hung up about homophones and how to spell them occasionally?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Empty notebooks. That’s a good one. I don’t have special pens but I do love it if I get a free pen and cross if someone nicks off with one of my bag pens.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe oodles is an exaggeration! but a number – which is ridiculous really! I put it down to having been so busy at work I would forget I already had one when shopping and would buy another! Pens, well it is all down to having been a lecturer and always needing not only a supply for myself, but quite often for my students as well, who always seemed to forget theirs!


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