DIY publishing gains respectability


This is an interesting piece for anyone who has or is considering self-publishing, I have quoted it here in full.

‘As DIY publishing gains respectability and established authors join the throng, the Guardian is joining forces with Legend Times to find the best self-published novels, in any genre, every month.

How to enter the Guardian Legend self published book of the month competition

The Guardian is set to become the first national newspaper to champion self-publishing on a regular basis with the launch of a new monthly prize that aims to find the best DIY novels.

The paper is teaming up with publisher Legend Times to support and showcase what it said was “the fantastic quality of writing that can be found from independent authors”, as the sector continues to boom. New figures from Nielsen’s Books & Consumers survey show that self-published books accounted for one in five of the 80m ebooks purchased in 2013. “No longer can the mainstream industry ignore what the general public have been reading and enjoying for a number of years, with many self-published authors outstripping the sales of novels published traditionally,” said the Guardian.’


4 thoughts on “DIY publishing gains respectability

  1. With the availability of technology to all of us it is inevitable that ebooks and self-publishing will become much of the norm. Marketing will, no doubt, still remain an issue though. Publishers have had such a control over what is available up until now, with a limited availability of cash for investing in new writers, often plumping for the well established money-making authors that they know, in order to ensure their own solvency. When I worked for Pan Paperbacks, the number of new books were very limited in the release list, many were reprints of old favourites. The other problem established publishers have had is dealing with the ‘slush’ pile, managing to get enough readers to go through and select good material from the overwhelming numbers of scripts sent in. In the children’s book system we had a junior like I was myself going through, and passing good reads up to the next editorial level, acting as filters and rejecting inappropriate scripts, morally defunct stories or just plain badly written stories immediately. It will be interesting to see where the illustrator will fit into this new trend.


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