Undiscovered Voices

UnknownI decided to post on the Undiscovered Voices competition this week. The competition is closed for this year so I am afraid you cannot enter this year. If you have not heard of it, the competition is, in their own words ‘a competition for unpublished and un-agented writers and illustrators living in the EU,’ and is focused on Young Adult, children’s authors and illustrators.

The reason for the post is that now the shortlist has been published you can read these submissions and the anthology can be downloaded for free. I have downloaded and read the entire book and the reason I urge you to read it is ‘because the anthology is also designed to be a learning tool for up-and-coming children’s writers and artists, quotes from the judges – discussing the merits of each piece – are included at the end of each illustration and extract.’

The judges represent some of the best in the publishing business such as Quercus Children’s Books, Scholastic, Puffin and many more. The chance to see submissions that are ‘good enough’ for publication that are written well, with crisp exposition and character development with feedback is pure gold for a writer whether you are a ‘young adult’ or children’s writer or not.


The fourth anthology of unpublished, children’s fiction and illustration published by The Society of Children’s book writers and illustrators British Isles can be downloaded for free:  http://www.undiscoveredvoices.com/?page_id=987

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