Cold White Light

 This week's writing prompt is based on the post-apocalyptic situation, one of the staples of genre fiction. I like these stories concerning the 'what next' and the 'how do we rebuild and would it even be possible?' perhaps the nature of the apocalypse is not even important?


Post apocalyptic world
Groups of survivors
Many cities undamaged
Pockets of civilization left
Story revolves around a man who has lost everything and a young muslim girl, lost and looking for their families and hope.
Society not completely broken down
Story set in england
Areas under some form of feudal rule others more democratic
Areas left under some form of martial law
Roaming bands of bandits
Religious cults
How long after the war are things set?
What effect has the had on the perceptions of those left behind?
How many remember the time before the war?
A story focused on friendship, the meaning of family, religion and faith in the wake of complete disaster.
What is faith? what does it depend on?


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