And Then They Were Gone…

Abandoned places are intriguing. Kids are always trying to slip through fences to play on derelict plots of land or explore disused factories and empty houses. These spaces have a sense of decay and also an air of lawlessness. They are outside the norm, making them the perfect places for adventures and stories. Even now, in our digital world, with its global community, we can still find abandoned places, places that couldn’t keep up or that were struck by disaster, sending their citizens fleeing. Once abandoned, nature takes over and they become a symbol of the fragility of our ‘civilisation’.

Your writing prompt: Write a scene involving an abandoned place. You can explore what happened and why or you can just focus on the people who use it now. Are your characters drawn to that place or do they avoid it? How does it feel and what does the setting add to your story?


Photo source: Jason Knight lostlosangeles


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