You are the apple of my eye

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s writing prompt is to construct a poem, each line should have one word starting with the next letter of the alphabet and the the poem should be written for someone or something you care about.

I did this on a writing course and we had a time limit of half an hour. The idea was just to have some fun and  also to engage your imagination by conjuring random images and thoughts. I have included my effort below for your amusement or horror if you can actually write poetry, I apologise in advance.


You are the apple of my eye
The bathysphere of my love
A conundrum I can’t explain

I feel a dimwit in your presence
Energetic in my senses
I dance a fandango when you are near

My heartfelt love for you is gigantic
My feelings are as tall as a hollyhock
My own self-itinerant and low

I jockey with my feelings for you
Killing time when you are away
I may as well be in Lima eating mangos

No-one else comes close to you
Around you everything is orange
I feel poll-axed in your presence

You are my quintessential lover
Even better than rhubarb
Tastier than succotash
Hotter than an Argentine tango

If I lost you the world would be ultraviolet
Full of venom
I would not be able to wash myself of you
Not even King Xerxes could help me

For I am forever your youngster
Dancing in your zoological gardens


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