Writing Competition for Children’s Authors

Bloomsbury Children’s Books is looking for new authors, writing for children up to 12 year’s old.

The Prize: A publishing contract with Bloomsbury, including advance payment of £5,000 – not to be sniffed at. Plus all shortlisted authors receive signed book bundles and are invited to attend the prize

This could be you - successful children's author, Isabel Burt at a book signing

This could be you – successful children’s author, Isabel Burt at a book signing

ceremony with agents present.

How to Enter: Submit a story of 20,000 to 40,000 words, for children aged 8 to 12. You must include a dreaded 350 word synopsis. Judges also require a 1,000 word passage from the story for the early rounds.

The entry deadline is 30 September 2014, so you’d better get cracking, if you’ve got a work in progress.

How Much?: Entry costs a whopping £30 and £15 for any further entries. But all proceeds from entry fees go to the National Literary Trust, which help kids in disadvantaged areas of the UK engage with literature and books.

Find out more at The New Children’s Author Prize website.

Good luck and remember Writers Anon if you win.



2 thoughts on “Writing Competition for Children’s Authors

  1. Thanks for posting this Chella, Peter (Beere) also sent the links to me and I am really appreciative that he sent us them as it is a real opportunity to focus and write and all because he came across the competition through his professional contacts within publishing.

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