Fruits of the Season

When the Marigold no longer blooms, When summer sun has turned to gloom,

See the forecast winter’s snow, See the evergreen that lonely grows…

(Marigold, Steeleye Span)

changing-seasons2Seasons add atmosphere to writing, even more than weather, which is changeable by its nature.  A season can be used as a metaphor, as the backdrop for moods, settings and natural constraints. It can introduce hope or despair, it can remind us that nothing is permanent.

See one year in 40 seconds and see how the sounds and atmosphere changes through the different seasons.

Write 500 words using a season, either as a backdrop for your plot, or as a character in and of itself.  You can choose whichever season appeals to you, but it should reflect the essence of your story.

Anyone can send the result of their writing prompt to us to be entered onto the site for reading and critiquing. Just email it to with your author name.


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