What’s the Taste of Autumn?

Autumn is a particularly sensual time of year. As animals, we feel the change in the air; the fading light of summer, the chill in the air and the falling leaves reminding us that all things must come to an end. As writers, autumn can remind us to use all the senses when we describe a scene. New writers have a tendency to rely on visual descriptions and we can all slip into this habit. But autumn crunches and dazzles and brings us goosebumps and the smell of the first fires of the year.

The song Those Autumn Leaves, recorded most famously by Nat King Cole, uses the season to symbolise a fading love affair. As the leaves fall past his window, he laments a lost summer love. This is a bit of a cliche now, so writers need to think of new ways to think about autumn and how it sets a mood for their characters

Your writing prompt: Use autumn to set a scene for your characters and use all the senses.  How does it sound? Is it happy, melancholy or spooky? What does autumn taste of?


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