Witchy workings…


Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is coming closer so it makes sense to put some of that mystique into a writing prompt.

When I think of Halloween my experience is limited to a general sigh at the racks of masks, spider cakes and general nonsense that my local supermarket displays. I have two young children and while they are not into the whole dressing up thing, they love the idea of trick or treat, there’s not much tricking involved in my neighbourhood but who doesn’t like free chocolate?

Anyway, this week…

It’s the later half of the twentieth century and you live in a large city well known for its global finance and general chutzpah.

You have unearthed a copy of the Malleus Maleficarum in a second-hand book shop. After reading the book, and for reasons that are intangible, you experience a moment of truth, a gnosis. You realise the source of a series of events that have crippled the world economy have supernatural origins. Suspecting that there really are witches in high places you have a great idea for a start-up company to root them out. But who are you going to hire? Where are you going to get some money from and most important of all…

What will the ‘cunning folk’ do to you if you’re right…


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