Mark Kitto – Taunton Literary Festival

8/11/14 6.30 pm Mark Kitto, That’s China £6.50 at Brendan Booksmark kitto book
To the Chinese Communist Party, media is state owned
propaganda.No indiviudals, let alone foreigners, will ever
have a stake in it. For seven roller coaster years, Mark Kitto
outwitted powerful competitors and jealous partners to build
the most profitable and popular English language publishing
business in China since 1949. No foreigner in modern times
has come so close to the heart of the Chinese propaganda
macbine in its own terms. Not even Rupert. Told with Mark
Kitto’s trademark self-deprecating humour and potentially
unsettling honesty, a business saga that will have you on the
edge of your seat all the way down to the final showdown; in
the highest law court in China.

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