TESU – Total Environmental Support Unit

imagesA number of Animix-TESU class automatons go berserk, terrorising a large and byzantine manga style city on edge of nowhere. A persistent rumor whispered in the bars and drinking dens is that they are controlled by a mysterious and enigmatic young woman.

Most of the city’s population are miners and the rest are the transient flotsam and jetsam of life, volatile and prone to explosions of violence. The city council fear they will be overrun by mob rule and the virus infecting the Animex automatons will spread further.

A PR staffer working for one of the less interesting mining companies refuses to surrender to the atmosphere of panic and decides to investigate. But what is the truth behind the rumours, what is the agenda behind the malfunction automatons?

Write a short story from the point of view of the staffer, what do they discover about the nature of intelligence? Is there really a conspiracy or are they merely chasing ghosts in the machine?

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