Sinead Gillespie at Taunton Literature Festival

Monday 24th November sees the story of the Somerset Floods and the latest novel from Sinead Gillespie in two events at Brendon Books, Bath Place – book your tickets now.

6.00 Matilda Temperley, Under the Surface; Somerset Floods £6.50

Just before Christmas 2013 fields across the Somerset  Levels began to flood. This has happened countless  times before but for the second year running the waters  did not recede. Two decades of neglect of a complex network of  drainage ditches and man-made rivers meant that the  winters subsequent record rainfall was unable to  escape to the sea. For the first three weeks of this  disaster, residents were effectively left to their own devices’ children were ferried to school on tractors,  while farmers were forced to evacuate animals trapped  by rising flood water. This book documents the unique community of the  levels and highlights the failures in river management, which led to this disaster. Images by photographer  Matilda Temperley, captions by the community.
Foreword by Michael Eavis of Glastonbury Festival 

8.00 pm Sinead Gillespie, But I Love You £5.00
Endearment, affirmation and loyalty or imposition manipulation and threat. Straight guys in night clubs; dodgy ex’s; smitten best mates; lesbian lovers. In a world of I love you’s there is always a ‘but’ For Andreas and Jon, it’s a night in a club that

Sinead Gillespie

Sinead Gillespie

they’ll never forget as they realise that the hot women they are moving on are lesbians… KATE escapes her Christian parents for the promises of university life. Blind to her housemate Robin’ s infatuation, Kate heads out onto ‘the scene’, after the guidance of a counsellor, HELENA. …. Sinéad Gillespie was born in 1964 in Derry, Northern Ireland. She graduated from Kent University, pursuing careers in Law and Teaching before a stint at drama school in Brighton.


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