The Art of David Hockney Plus Spitfire Girl at Taunton Lit Fest

At Brendon Books, Bath Place, on Thursday 20 November, visitors to Taunton Literature Festival will be able to hear about one of the first women of the skies, when Jackie Moggridge’s daughter tells the tale of her daring wartime pilot, mother in her book, Spitfire Girl. There’s always time for a bit of art at Somerset’s best lit fest and Christopher Simon Sykes will be discussing the life and work of David Hockney, a living legend.


6.00 pm Christopher Simon Sykes, Hockney £6.50
Christopher Sykes explores the life and work of Britain’s most popular living artist.David Hockney’s career has spanned and epitomised the art movements of the past five decades. Volume 1 covered his early life: his precocious achievement at Bradford Art College and the Swinging 60s in London, where he befriended many of the iconic cultural figures of the generation. Picking up Hockney’s story in 1975, this volume finds him flitting between Notting Hill and California, where he took inspiration for the swimming pool series of paintings; creating the acclaimed set designs for operas around the world; and embracing emerging technologies – the camera and fax machine in the 1970s and 80s, and most recently the iPad.


8.00 pm Jackie Moggridge, Spitfire Girl £5.00
‘We had returned to a different world. We had taken off in peace at nine-thirty and landed in war at noon.’ Jackiespitfire girl
Moggridge was just nineteen when World War Two broke out. Determined to do her bit, she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary. Ferrying aircraft from factory to frontline was dangerous work, but there was also fun, friendship and even love in the air. At last the world was opening up to women… or at least it seemed to be. From her first flight at fifteen to smuggling Spitfires into Burma, Jackie describes the trials and tribulations, successes and frustrations of her life in the sky. Her daughter, Candida. will give a talk together with slides on her remarkable mother.

Find out more and book your ticket for Taunton Literary Festival 2014 here.



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