Antiques of the Somme, and Money Speak Magic – Taunton Lit Fest

Both Events at Brendon Books, Bath Place. Book here

Battle_of_the_Somme2_2956.00 Paul Atterbury, Antiques Roadshow; World War One £6.50
Paul Atterbury from the Antiques Roadshow marks the centenary of the start of World War I’s opening barrage.  This anthology of personal history emerged from the TV series Antiques
Roadshow specials in which members of the public brought in their family’s war memorabilia and photographs from the Somme.  These ‘antiques’ weren’t financially valuable, but the stories attached to these mementos were priceless. Antiques Roadshow: World War I in 100 Family Treasures looks at 100 of the most fascinating and moving of those stories and
how they related to world events at the time. From Rifleman Frank Edwards, who led the ‘big push’ in September 1915 kicking a football in front of the troops (and survived to tell the tale) to the formidable Catherine Murray Roy, one of the first 50 nurses to be sent to the front lines in France. Tales of heroism and courage and a glimpse into the past.


8.00pm John Lanchester, How To Speak Money £6.50

financeIf money jargon has you scratching your head and you don’t know your Nikkei from your Nike, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Money is our global language. Yet so few of us speak it. Money language can be complex, jargon-filled and completely baffling – the lingo of the elite. Most of us are at a disadvantage because if we don’t understand that language, then those who can will write their own rules. John Lanchester, bestselling author of Capital and Whoops!: Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay, has decoded it with his no-nonsense book explaining everything from high-frequency trading and the World Bank to the difference between bullshit and nonsense. Engaging, and approachable, How To Speak Money is a primer and a polemic. It’s a reference book you’ll find yourself reading in one sitting. And it gives you everything you need to demystify the world of high fiannce – the world that dominates how we all live now.jargon2

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