Fantasy and Manx Mystery come to Taunton Literature Festival

Saturday, 29 November has three events to interest and inspire Taunton Lit Fest fans. Fantasy author Angie Sage is reading from her new novel, Pathfinder, at Taunton Library, with a tale of sorcery and ancient tribes. Set on the Isle of Man, Chris Ewan’s Dark Tides offers a chilling blend of mystery and murder – could this be the start of Manx Noir? And John Miekle finishes the festival at the Brewhouse Theatre, with a personal history of Taunton.

11.00 am Angie Sage, Pathfinder Free at Taunton Library, Paul St, Taunton

The fantastic Fantasy author Angie Sage joins us at Taunton Library feel free to come down and hear about her new book!!

Tod has grown up a PathFinder, one of an ancient seafaring tribe. Her mother, who died when Tod was young, had a very different history. She was from a mysterious magykal desert-dwelling family. When Tod’s father disappears she is not only alone, but soon finds herself swept into the path of an evil sorcerer. Now Tod must choose which of her pasts will help her to survive: PathFinder or Magician. Magyk will allow her to fight like with like, but her PathFinder heritage gives Tod something special – the edge. Angie Sage’s new book combines breathtaking action with fabulous plotting. The characters are instantly engaging, the tension is relentless and Angie’s superlative storytelling weaves the threads seamlessly together for an utterly satisfying read.

6.00 pm Chris Ewan, Dark Tides £6.50 at Brendon Books, Bath Place, Taunton

Chris Ewan comes to Brendon Books to talk about his book Dark Tides.
When Claire Cooper was eight years old her mother mysteriously vanished during Hop-tu-naa, the Manx Halloween. At fourteen, Claire is still struggling to come to terms with her disappearance when she’s befriended by a group of five teenagers who mark every Hop-tu-naa by performing dares. But Claire’s arrival begins to alter the group’s dynamic until one year a prank goes terribly wrong, changing all their futures and tearing the friends apart. Six years later, one of the friends is killed on Hop-tu-naa in an apparent accident. But Claire, now a police officer, has her doubts. Is a single footprint found near the body a deliberate taunt? As another Hop-tu-naa dawns, bringing with it another death and another footprint, Claire becomes convinced that somebody is seeking vengeance. But who? And which of the friends might be next? If she’s to stop a killer and unlock the dark secrets of her past, Claire must confront her deepest fears, before it’s too late.

For the Grand Finale

7.30 pm John Meikle, A Personal History of Taunton at Brendon Books, Bath Place, Taunton
The fascinating Jon Meikle MBE, and now in his 90th year,  gives his personal history of Taunton. He is perhaps in a unique position with his wide experience of local government and running a successful local business for many years and
instrumental in getting the Brewhouse Theatre up and running the first time around and in a call to arms to save the Brewhouse when it recently closed (now, thankfully, open again).

It will be a fitting finale to the festival.

For more information please go to the Taunton Literary Festival Website 


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