With the price drop frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Christmas shopping season is well and truly upon us. If there’s a writer in your life, you’ve come to the right place. This is our list of gifts for writers. Approved by the Writers Anon team, for what that’s worth.

Quirky Writing Gifts

The Writer’s Toolbox


This cute little box of tricks includes a spin wheel of plot twists, writing prompt sticks, exercises and activities to clear writer’s block and keep the creative juices flowing.

Buy it here at



Writer’s Wall Clockwriters_modern_wall_clock

A stylish wall clock for writers. Instead of numbers, the face has states of writing, such as ‘stare’, ‘writer’s block’ and ‘edit. Buy it here at

Once Upon a Time Bookends

fairy tale bookendsThese fairytale bookends are pretty and bookish and inspiring. Win.

Buy it here at


Notebooks and Diaries

All writers like a good notebook, just in case inspiration strikes. And all the better, if you’ve got a beautiful pad to scribble in.

Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own Mini JournalSONY DSC

A pretty pad with the manuscript of Woolf’s famous essay, A Room of One’s Own, which discussed the rights and opportunities open to women. Buy it here at


moleskine-715525The original notebook of artists and writers, Moleskine is one of those items that can make a writer feel like they’re tapping into the great collective, creative unconscious. We covet the precious because just owning it makes us better. If it’s good enough for Hemingway and Picasso. Don’t question, just buy it here.

Mslexia Writer’s Diary 2015diaries

This year’s writer’s diary from Mslexia, the magazine for women who write, aims to help your writing stay on track. Inside it offers weekly inspiration and reading recommendations from famous writers, plus tips, exercises and tables for tracking progress and submissions. Practical and inspiring. Buy it here.

Books on Writing

There’s nothing writers like better than reading books about writing and getting new books, which might hold the key to getting their work finished, rather than just sitting down and writing the damn thing.

The Pocket Muse

pocketmuse_largeaContains hundreds of thought-provoking prompts, exercises and illustrations. It has a cute, scrapbook style to it and is packed with interesting images, quotes and ideas for those blocked days. It’s small, making it the perfect stocking filler. Buy it here.

On Writing – Stephen Kingon-writing-cover

Many writers recommend this book. Even if you don’t like Stephen King, he knows how to craft a story and this memoir-come-how-to is easy reading, packed with good advice. Buy it here.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

hero-with-a-thousand-facesMade famous by George Lucas, who said it was pivotal when he was writing Star Wars, Joseph Campbell’s book outlines the mono-myth, which ties almost all myths together from around the world. This is particularly useful for fantasy writers, who want to understand the underlying themes in timeless stories. Buy it here.

Warm Stuff

Writers often curl up in a corner and the next time they look up it’s getting dark and the fire’s gone out. Keep a writer warm this winter.

Fingerless Gloves

normal_5050-cashmere-silk-wrist-warmersIt may seem a bit Miss Haversham, but cold fingers don’t type quickly.normal_fairisle-jacquard-handwarmers-in-cashmere

By here and here.


normal_traditional-check-wool-throwNow this can be used over the knees on a cool spring day, in the garden or by the fire. Alternatively, come summer, it’s the perfect writing rug to throw on the lawn, under a shady tree. Buy it here.


Filled with warm liquid, obviously. This then becomes a finger-warmer and drinking vessel in one. This one has a nifty writing slogan. Buy it here.

Writing Gadgets

Once upon a time, the only thing a writer needed was a pencil, some paper and a stiff drink. Now, we want to write on the go, but we want to do it on tablets and a myriad of portable doodahs. Here’s a brief overview.


scrivnerIt’s not for everyone, but this software package is designed specifically for writers. It has a range of cool functions, such as an interactive corkboard to get an overview of your work in progress. At just $40, I think it’s a steal. There’s also a 30-day free trial. Buy it here.

Ultrabooks vs Tablets

acer-aspire-s7-ultrabookAlthough tablets are all the rage, they pose one problem for writers; no keyboard. There are plug-in solutions, but if you want portability, an ultrabook, is a slimline, lightweight alternative.Tablet_Group_test_206PCA_206_Photoshoot-212

Either way, this is a purchase that will take research. Set a budget and do some reading because you could pay as much as £2,000 or as little as £200.



Not really much use for the actual writing bit of being a writer, but we also like to read. From £29.99 for the WH Smiths Kobo Mini, to the Kindle Fire HDX for £199.99 – it all depends on whether you prefer the paper e-ink look or want a bells and whistles media, wifi experience. It also depends on your budget.


Writing chocolate. What do you mean; you’ve never heard of it? Stuff and nonsense.

Literary Choc

chocolate quote

Chocolate with literary merit from the Chocolate Library (a real place or website). This chocolate bar comes with  an iconic wrapper with a quote by Francoise Sagan, the French playwright, novelist, and screenwriter. Buy it here.

Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolatesalted-caramel-drinking-chocolate

It’s warm and chocolate – what’s not to love. Buy some swanky stuff from Hotel Chocolat here.

Fortnum and Mason Box

fortnum chocsSeriously luxurious chocolates from Fortnum and Mason. Nuff said. Buy here.

Now you’ve got no excuse for failing to get the writer in your life something awesome. What’s on your writer’s wish-list?



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    • Thanks. I own the Writer’s Muse – it’s got some cool stuff in there and a nice layout. I bought it for myself, but would have been happy to have it as a gift.


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