World Poets Series: T S Eliot New Lecture Performance with Graham Fawcett

World Poets Series: T S Eliot, New Lecture Performance with Graham Fawcett at Brendon Books at 7.00 pm on Thursday 25 June. Please not this is longer than the usual talks and will end at about 9.00 pm. 

TSElliot‘The range of Eliot’s subject-matter was largely unknown in an English poetic voice. The journey from his early Preludes to his late Quartets is so extraordinary as to suggest that there might have been several T S Eliots. His work draws us back to it like a lodestar. This month we mark the 50th anniversary of his death, this year the centenary of Prufrock.’

To purchase tickets contact Brendan books, email: Telephone: 01823 337742 Fax: 01823 324529  tickets are priced at £10.00


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