The Big Rip

'Spock, I don't think we'll all fit in that tiny ship...' (image courtesy of

‘Spock, I don’t think we’ll all fit in that tiny ship…’ (image courtesy of

According to a new scientific theory the end of the universe could well be signalled by a ‘Big Rip‘ instead of a ‘Big Crunch’ or just a ‘Big Freeze.’ According to this new theory of doom, as the universe expands it will eventually come to a point where the planets, stars, galaxies, atoms and even space time will be torn apart. This is a consequence of the expansion of the universe ignited with the Big Bang over thirteen billion years ago.

Indeed as the universe expands at an increasing rate over the next twenty two billion years there will be a point where matter is expanding away from each other at an infinite rate, hence the Big Rip…

While this is all mathematically theoretical, what would it actually mean in physical reality for anything or anyone who happens to be around at the time is another matter. Although I have always wondered, if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into, and if the universe rips itself apart what is left behind and where is it exactly?

For an abstract writing prompt take a journey to the end of the universe (no restaurants allowed though), and consider what a human traveller, or any sentient civilisation could do to prepare for their escape. Would they travel backwards in time and become their own ancestors? Perhaps there really are wormholes in the fabric of spacetime or over the event horizon of a black hole where they could escape to a parallel universe or dimension.

But if the universe is going to end in twenty two billion years time, that means the end of ‘time’ itself, what does God(s) think of this? Indeed maybe she/they are in one of the parallel universes. I wonder what our refugees from the end of our universe would say to them?

Infinity (image courtesy of

Infinity (image courtesy of



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