Despatch Rider on the Western Front 1915-1918, Talk and Reading at Brendan Books

Despatch Rider on the Western Front 1915-1918
Talk and reading followed by book signingBrendon Books, Thursday 30 July at 7.00 pm, contact Brendan books,, Telephone: 01823 337742

10304Sergeant Albert Simpkin MM’s Great War diary is of unusual scope and exceptional interest. Albert was a First World War motorcycle despatch rider attached to the Headquarters 37th Division throughout the war which he was so fortunate to survive. His wide-ranging role enabled him to witness much more than his fellow men who were restricted to the trenches.

One day he would be dodging shell holes and ammunition limbers to take his despatches to the front, the next commenting on the quaint but often courageous lives of the local populace. As a result his diary entries, and some longer descriptions of the main actions of the Division, provide a graphic record of the war on the Western Front; Fortunately Albert was a gifted observer of the scene and a fluent writer. The fact he was awarded the Military Medal is testimony to his bravery.

Throughout the diary are colourful and amusing anecdotes about his fellow soldiers, and critical comments on the strategies and tactics employed by the officers. Dairy of a Despatch Rider offers a unique opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in a well written and objective first-hand account of life and death on the Western Front.

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