Writer’s Glossary: Info Dump

In the Writer’s Glossary today, we’ve got the term info dump.

Wah wah wah Charlie Brown

The danger of an info dump is boring your reader

Info Dump

This is another word for exposition. We all have those scenes where one character needs to tell another character what’s going on or the history of the planet, so that the reader can understand a crucial part of the plot. An info dump is when exposition is handled badly or like the end of an episode of Scooby Doo.

You can avoid the dangers of an info dump by having a steady feed of information, rather than just spewing it all out in one scene. Always avoid info dumps at the beginning of a story. It’s tempting to lay out the whole history of the world and the really intricate political landscape you’ve invented, but you’ll lose your reader on page one. Try flashbacks, news reports and interesting conversations as a way of sprinkling the information through your narrative – that helps you keep the plot moving and your reader gets the background along the way.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Glossary: Info Dump

  1. I love reading large infromation dumps in fiction, especially at the beginning. My preferences will not be altered by any of your tyrannic taste dictatorship; consequently, I will not be deterred from prously writing massive information dumps.


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