Presenting Requiem for Private Hughes by Chip Tolson

Our very own Chip Tolson has entered the world of self-publishing with the launch of Requiem for Private Hughesnow available to buy on  Amazon. You may have already read some of Chip’s work, right here at Writers Anon because he’s posted several poems and short fiction for us.

Three miles distant Second Lieutenant Peterson heard an explosion, later a thump, and saw a billowing cloud of dark smoke rise above the rolling jungle landscape.

The ambitions of Somerset lad, Archie Middlebrook, are shattered in a terrorist ambush in Malaya, when his friend Geraint Hughes is killed. The young art student

Chip Tolson author

Chip dreams of all those book sales – you could help his dreams come true

returns home to his family, but Archie won’t speak of events in Malaya. His artistic ambitions abandoned, he immerses himself in manual labour for their elderly farmer neighbour, before having a wild, yet doomed, sexual coming-of-age with Maggie.

Four decades pass and a woman from Archie’s past re-enters the scene, with life-changing consequences. Archie may finally be able to come to terms with the trauma of his youth and celebrate the life of his friend and fellow national serviceman.

Hop on over to Amazon to get yourself an e-book or hard copy of Chip’s first novel or follow his blog at


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