Introducing North Curry Writers

Sometimes it’s hard to find your local writing group. There may be a coven of writers, lurking right under your nose without you knowing it and this could be the case with the North Curry Writers, in

North Curry Writers

North Curry Writers

Somerset. A former member of Writers Anon, Suzy Wedley, decided that travelling to Taunton for our meetings wasn’t ideal, as the added distance meant she often didn’t come. Not to be deterred, she bid a fond farewell to Writers Anon and set up her own writing group. And so, North Curry Writers was born.

Suzy’s group is great for beginners or anyone who is a bit rusty and wants to get back into writing, but also has some experienced members. Where Writers Anon focuses on critiquing work in progress for publishing and submission, North Curry Writers is about getting people writing, by giving them a helping hand. Each meeting, members are given writing prompts for optional homework, which they can bring to read out the following week. Meetings also include writing exercises to get people scribbling, as well as allowing members to bring projects for group feedback.

North Curry Writers welcomes all – poets, novelists, thinking about writing writers and just people who like to have a chat about writing and words and that.

If Taunton’s a bit far for you, then North Curry Writers is a good option and they’ve got a really good website too that supports members with writing prompts. Check it out and find out more at You can also find them here.

We’re always happy to support fellow writing groups, so give yourself a shout in the comments, if you want to reach new members for your writing group.



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