Writer’s Glossary: Protagonist

Today on Writer’s Glossary…


The protagonist is your central character and the person whose story we’re following. They may not always be the P.O.V.

what is a protagonist

The protagonist is the central character

character, but they are central to the story. In The Great Gatsby, the story is told by Nick Carraway, but the protagonist is Jay Gatsby. Likewise, the Sherlock Holmes stories are narrated by Dr. Watson, but obviously, Holmes is the hero.

There may be more than one protagonist in a story, such as a buddy movie. The protagonist comes into conflict with a character, who is the antagonist and their relationship is central to the plot – think Batman and The Joker or the couple in a romantic comedy, where the antagonist is the one who rejects the other’s advances. Remember, the protagonist is not always heroic and the antagonist is not always a villain. Look at the protagonist in more depth here.


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