Writing Opportunities

writing opportunities

If you’re looking for places to submit short stories, I’ve got just the thing. Competitions are good because they give you a target and a deadline; both things that help smother the procrastinator who lurks within us all. And when you click ‘send’ on that email, you feel all good inside because you’ve written something and sent it out into the world. Even if you don’t win or never hear from again, nothing can take away the achievement – you’ve written and submitted. That’s what it’s all about. You just have to repeat those two things, until you strike gold.

Try these opportunities on for size…

Stephen King Short Fiction Competition

Entry deadline: 18th December

Fee: Free

Fancy having your work read by the King (Stephen King, that is)? Then get scribbling because the deadline is looming.

To celebrate Stephen  Kings new anthology,  The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, The Guardian has launched a short story competition. They are looking for stories of up to 4,000 words.

The story must be based on this Stephen King quote: “There’s something to be said for a shorter, more intense experience. It can be invigorating, sometimes even shocking, like a waltz with a stranger you will never see again, or a kiss in the dark, or a beautiful curio for sale at a street bazaar.”

The story should be – original, gripping and chilling.

Stephen King will pick the winner, from a shortlist of entries. They will also get a free masterclass with Stephen King’s UK editor, Philippa Pride.

Entry details here.

Mid-Somerset Festival

Entry deadline: 20 January

Fee: Free

In its 115th  year, Mid-Somerset Festival is a drama, music and creative writing festival. The organisers are calling for short stories, poetry, monologues and duologues to be entered into the competition. Prizes are £50, plus feedback from the judge and a chance to perform your piece at the festival, in Bath on Saturday 12 March.

Find out more and enter here.

Bath Short Story Award

Entry deadline: 25 April 2016

Fee: £8

The Bath Short Story Award is an international and highly regarded competition. Short stories of up to 2,200 words in all genres, styles welcome. The big draw is the first prize of £1,000, as well as the chance to be in the annual anthology of the best stories.

Find out more and enter at bathshortstoryaward.co.uk or @BathStoryAward

Good luck and let us know if you win.



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