Writing Opportunities: Bare Lit Fest Short Stories

Diversity matters and that’s why it’s time to celebrate the first Bare Lit Festival, a literary festival for writers of colour, which kicks off on 27-28 February 2016. If you’re wondering why we might need our own literary festival, consider this figure…

Of the 2,000 authors who appeared at the three largest literary festivals in the UK (Cheltenham, Hay and Edinburgh – to name and shame), in 2014, only 4% were black or Asian.*

*source Bare Lit Festival

Shame on Hay Festival, which has the strapline ‘imagine the world’ – I suppose they imagine it’s white, middle class and other defaults. Fortunately, Bare Lit Festival is changing the tune and you can get involved.

British writers of colour

Bare Lit Festival is a space for writers of colour to be writers without tokenism or pressure

Support Bare Lit Festival

The first opportunity Bare Lit Fest presents, is to support the event, which is being funded by an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. At the time of writing, they’re less than £100 short of the £7,000 target and donations start at just £1. Or you could just buy  ticket, which also goes towards funding the event, so that they can pay the authors for attending.


Even more exciting, Bare Lit Fest is calling for short stories from writers of colour.

Submit your Short Story to Bare Lit Festival

The festival wants stories by writers of colour, to be performed in London, in February. Each performance is 8 minutes (no longer than 1,000 words), so either get scribbling or polish and existing piece. Be quick though, as it closes this Friday 5 February 2016.

When: Saturday 27 February

Where: London, Farringdon

Deadline: Friday, 5 February

What: Send a draft with a bio to apply.

Then what: If you’re selected, you will be invited to workshop your story, with writer, broadcaster and MD of Heavy Entertainment, David Roper. He also happens to commission new fiction for BBC Radio 4, so quite handy to know.

Find the details here and good luck.

Bare Lit Festival takes place in London from 26-28 February 2016. Find out more at www.barelitfestival.com.





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