The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

Martine Lillycrop

secondlifeofbethanysweetThe afterlife has always fascinated me. I don’t believe we only get one shot at getting it right. One life, then judgement and an eternity of suffering or bland repose. It seems too simplistic for the complex vortex of matter and energy our universe is made up of. Nor do I believe we just meet oblivion at the end of our lives. Nature recycles. The law of conservation of energy suggests to me that spirit, also, could be recycled. We are bigger than our bodies. I won’t go further into my personal beliefs about spirit and the nature of the hidden universe, but I believe we go on. We get recycled. The energy we carry through our lives as ‘us’ stays with us when we die, and the universe assigns new matter to contain it. We are reborn.

These ideas formed the core concept of The Second Life of Bethany Sweet. While…

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One thought on “The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

  1. Thank you for sending me this update on your work and look forward to following it. I may live way north of you, but over the years i have visited the area numerous times to watch my nephew play rugby for Bath. I am new to published work, and this is my first contact with a group. It feels special. >

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