6 Reasons Autumn is Good for Writers

It feels like autumn is here, which means writers have six good reasons to stay in and just write. Don’t despair, if you’ve had an unproductive summer. You’re not alone. Just remember that living life is important too and gives you fuel for the time you do spend writing.

Old writer new insight

Old Writer, New Insight

I often cringe when re-reading something I wrote years ago. It’s not necessarily the content (though it’s often that, too), but the way it’s written. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that old work seems immature and less skilled in hindsight. We’re developing as people, as well as writers, and our mind-set is fluid. What interested us, and…

Films About Writer's Block

Writer’s Block in Films

Here’s a bit of a Friday fun. If you’re struggling with the blank page, then check out this compilation of 50 film characters facing writer’s block and know that you’re not alone.

a writer's guide to procrastination

A Writer’s Guide to Procrastination

So, you’re writing a novel and it’s going really well. You’re on cloud nine and can’t wait to get those words down on paper. Don’t worry, the crash will come. I’m not wishing it upon you or anything (much), but it will happen. And here’s what to do…

hOW TO WRITE the perfect book title

How to Write the Perfect Book Title

Titles take time and need a lot of thought, rather than just afterthought. Your title is the first step to selling your book, as it’s the first thing anyone will see or hear. Here’s a guide to book title trends and how to use them to sell your novel.

Rewriting the Balance of Black and White Characters in Fiction

I loved Chella’s recent article on avoiding black stereotypes in our writing. It highlights an issue so long-standing in fiction I think it calls for a deeper discussion. It was a revelation to me, following some general conversations with Chella, to realise that there are default settings for characters in fiction. I never even considered…

The Power of Pen and Paper for Writer’s Block

Writers today have a wide range of tools, literally at their fingertips. However, I still find a place for pen and paper, in my writing habits. When I say this, I’m surprised how many writers I know shudder at the thought and cry, “Oh, no. I can’t write longhand. It’s just not the same as a keyboard”. No, it’s not the same, but that’s the point.

editing like judge dredd

I Enjoy Editing and You Can Too

See, here’s the thing – editing seems to get a bad rap in the writing  world. It’s billed as this huge chore that happens at the end of all the joyous writing. It’s the thing that stops you from being able to share your masterpiece with the world or submit it anywhere. Some writers hate…