5 ways to keep your plot moving

5 Ways to Keep Your Plot Moving

If you’re suffering from story stagnation, you need to get your plot moving, soldier. That means getting tough on the things that don’t need to be there and working the key elements hard.

editing your novel

3 Steps for Editing Your Novel

Following on from my love of editing post, I’ve got a top tip for anyone about to edit their novel. This light bulb moment happened when I was reading  a friend’s book. I discovered a problem that probably hits most authors who edit their own work. So, my friend had self-published this novel and really loved it,…

7 ways to kill your story

How Not to Begin Your Novel: 7 Ways to Kill your Story

It’s November and that means it’s NaNoWrimo time and that means many, many people are beginning their novels. Of course NaNoWrimo is all about quantity, rather than quality, so Wrimo writers won’t be agonising over their opening, but once they go back and try to make sense of their 50,000 words they’ll want to hone…

Nathan Drake Unchartered

Writing Characters

Some of the best characters in literature are never described and their background only emerges as the book progresses. So how do you get your character to come across as a real person, who your readers will love?

Read Better to Write Better

Believe it or not, I’ve met would be writers who don’t read. That’s like being a chef who doesn’t eat or a nudist fashion designer. It may sound extreme, but it’s true. You can’t write, if you don’t read. You cannot have one without the other. They are like light and dark. Reading is one…

The Big Rip

According to a new scientific theory the end of the universe could well be signalled by a ‘Big Rip‘ instead of a ‘Big Crunch’ or just a ‘Big Freeze.’ According to this new theory of doom, as the universe expands it will eventually come to a point where the planets, stars, galaxies, atoms and even space time…