Switch Things Up to Break Writer’s Block

When your current writing project has stalled and you’re feeling uninspired, it may be time to try something new. This method of beating the block comes with a warning, though.


Part 2: Blade Runner 2049: fembots and Asian window dressing

Blade Runner 2049 is a film about men trying to control reproduction using artificial slave women. It’s made for the white, straight male gaze by objectifying women and ignoring people of colour and non-binary people.

Films About Writer's Block

Writer’s Block in Films

Here’s a bit of a Friday fun. If you’re struggling with the blank page, then check out this compilation of 50 film characters facing writer’s block and know that you’re not alone.

Breaking bad

Five Things Breaking Bad Teaches Us About Writing

I’ve only just finished watching Breaking Bad, the show that everyone was raving about three years ago. As a writer, I began to wonder how Breaking Bad worked. What did it do that made us love it so much? I narrowed it down to a few key things that can be applied to any story.

6 Elements of Romance

Romance continues to dominate the book publishing market, depending on which figures you look at. We’re all obsessed with love; finding it, losing it, keeping it, living without it. But how do you write about it? First, we have to differentiate between a love story and a romance. A love story doesn’t necessarily end happily,…

8 Dialogue Dos and Don’ts

Most fiction will require, at some point, the use of dialogue.  Not everybody is comfortable using it and those writers will sprinkle their manuscript with a light to sparse dusting of it, while others load their manuscript to saturation point.  While a lot depends on style and what the book is about, the effective use…

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

Anne sent me an email, reminding me of the pertinent points made in a blog post by Emma Coats, storyboard artist for Pixar, of Toy Story and Finding Nemo fame. Emma made a list of 22 she learnt about storytelling during her time at Pixar. And I think we’ll all agree that Pixar can tell…