13 Reasons Why and how not to do suspense

13 Reasons Why is a hit teen Netflix drama based on the YA novel by Jay Asher. It did so many things right, except using false suspense to pad episodes, when it should have just been shorter.

Keeping Promises to your reader

Breaking Promises You’ve Made to Your Reader

Every time you start a story you make a series of promises to your reader. These are the things your reader expects of you and your story, in exchange for their time, emotional investment and money (hopefully).

Deadpool in media res

Writer’s Glossary: In Media Res

In Latin, in media res means into the middle of things. For writers this means start your story in the middle of the action to hook the reader. The temptation is to start a story at the beginning, but that often leads the reader wading through lots of preamble. Start the story when it gets good.