Films About Writer's Block

Writer’s Block in Films

Here’s a bit of a Friday fun. If you’re struggling with the blank page, then check out this compilation of 50 film characters facing writer’s block and know that you’re not alone.

a writer's guide to procrastination

A Writer’s Guide to Procrastination

So, you’re writing a novel and it’s going really well. You’re on cloud nine and can’t wait to get those words down on paper. Don’t worry, the crash will come. I’m not wishing it upon you or anything (much), but it will happen. And here’s what to do…

hOW TO WRITE the perfect book title

How to Write the Perfect Book Title

Titles take time and need a lot of thought, rather than just afterthought. Your title is the first step to selling your book, as it’s the first thing anyone will see or hear. Here’s a guide to book title trends and how to use them to sell your novel.


Writer’s Glossary: Neo-noir

Today in writer’s glossary… Neo-noir Neo-noir is a film genre, which refers to films made after the golden age of film noir, which many say began with The Maltese Falcon (1941). Some mark Orson Welles’ A Touch of Evil (1958) as the last true film noir and anything after that is dubbed neo-noir. Neo-noir films have…

elements of noir fiction

11 Elements of Writing Noir

Noir has its roots in hardboiled fiction, such as Raymond Chandler and James M. Cain. This detective fiction then influenced cinema and became film noir, developing the tropes we’re familiar with from Humphrey Bogart and co. Cinema then influenced fiction again to create noir fiction, which differs from hardboiled, as it doesn’t put the detective…