Book Excerpt: The Second Life of Bethany Sweet by Martine Lillycrop

The Second Life of Bethany Sweet is a fantasy novel about a girl who wakes up in a world she doesn’t belong to. Read an excerpt

The Second Life of Bethany Sweet

Originally posted on Martine Lillycrop:
The afterlife has always fascinated me. I don’t believe we only get one shot at getting it right. One life, then judgement and an eternity of suffering or bland repose. It seems too simplistic for the complex vortex of matter and energy our universe is made up of. Nor do I believe…

6 Reasons Autumn is Good for Writers

It feels like autumn is here, which means writers have six good reasons to stay in and just write. Don’t despair, if you’ve had an unproductive summer. You’re not alone. Just remember that living life is important too and gives you fuel for the time you do spend writing.

summer break from writing

On a Break for Summer

Sorry for the long gaps in posts – I’m admitting defeat and taking a break for the rest of the summer. We’ll be back in early September. Also, someone emailed me about joining Writers Anon, but I was away on work and now can’t find the email. If that was you, please email again, so…

Old writer new insight

Old Writer, New Insight

I often cringe when re-reading something I wrote years ago. It’s not necessarily the content (though it’s often that, too), but the way it’s written. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that old work seems immature and less skilled in hindsight. We’re developing as people, as well as writers, and our mind-set is fluid. What interested us, and…

writing strong female characters

5 ways you’re weakening your ‘strong female characters’

Female characters can’t just be er…female and characters, they have to be ‘strong female characters’. But what does that mean? Well, I think it was supposed to mean female characters who did more than get kidnapped, married or died. Strong female characters are supposed to be more than something for the men to kiss or…