Writer’s Glossary: Neo-noir

Today in writer’s glossary… Neo-noir Neo-noir is a film genre, which refers to films made after the golden age of film noir, which many say began with The Maltese Falcon (1941). Some mark Orson Welles’ A Touch of Evil (1958) as the last true film noir and anything after that is dubbed neo-noir. Neo-noir films have…

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Writer’s Glossary: In Media Res

In Latin, in media res means into the middle of things. For writers this means start your story in the middle of the action to hook the reader. The temptation is to start a story at the beginning, but that often leads the reader wading through lots of preamble. Start the story when it gets good.

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Writer’s Glossary: Anti-hero

An anti-hero is a protagonist who lacks the attributes that we associate with a traditional hero. Whilst a hero is courageous, beautiful, loyal, strong and driven to uphold justice and protect the innocent, an anti-hero may be…

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Writer’s Glossary: Synopsis

Today on Writer’s Glossary… Synopsis A synopsis serves as a tool to take the interest of an agent, or a publisher, or even a competition judge, but not readers. The essential requirement is that the synopsis must tell the complete tale of the novel, including the ending. That is where the skill lies. A good…

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Writer’s Glossary: W.I.P

Today on the Writer’s Glossary… W.I.P. This is one for beginners and a term you’ll find online a lot. W.I.P. stands for ‘work in progress’. Just as it suggests, your W.I.P is the current project you’re writing. This work is unfinished and unedited, as opposed to your finished stories and manuscripts. It’s worth stating that…