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2015 in review at the Writers Anon Blog

I thought I’d share the WordPress annual review of our blog, which grows a little every year. A big shout out to our top 5 most active followers, who keep the party going over at Writers Anon. Thanks for all your comments, likes and feedback – we love to hear from our readers, so jump in…

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Writer’s Glossary: W.I.P

Today on the Writer’s Glossary… W.I.P. This is one for beginners and a term you’ll find online a lot. W.I.P. stands for ‘work in progress’. Just as it suggests, your W.I.P is the current project you’re writing. This work is unfinished and unedited, as opposed to your finished stories and manuscripts. It’s worth stating that…


Happy New Year

2015 has been a year of ups and downs for me personally. It’s a year when a great many changes and tragedies have entered my life. I could write about everything I wish for you in the coming year, but I think Neil Gaiman says it best. Fifteen Years ago, I wrote: May your coming…

The grinch

Finding Time to Write at Christmas

We writers have the added stress of feeling like we should be getting words down on the page, but stressing about writing at Christmas isn’t a productive approach. There’s a balance to be struck, so here are my tips for finding time to write at Christmas.

Writer's glossary: prose

Writer’s Glossary: Prose

Prose is writing that is distinguished from poetry by its lack of rhythmic structure. It is simply put, writing that isn’t verse, as it lacks the meter and or rhyme elements seen in traditional poetry.

writing opportunities

Writing Opportunities

If you’re looking for places to submit short stories, I’ve got just the thing. Competitions are good because they give you a target and a deadline; both things that help smother the procrastinator who lurks within us all. And when you click ‘send’ on that email, you feel all good inside because you’ve written something…