Why Writers Make Really Bad Parents

Last Week, Chella discussed how some authors have an (unfounded) fear of having their work stolen . While the chance of this happening is remote, the threat of losing a manuscript because you haven’t backed it up is real.

Creepy suburbia 
src. Suburban Life by Leonard Koscianski

A Strange Day in Suburbia

At Writers Anon this week, we were talking about mixing the strange with the familiar, as a way of creating a sense of unease. Your writing prompt: Your character wakes up for a regular day…

thief - Eidos/Squar-Enix

What If Someone Steals Your Ideas?

I’ve seen a fear that strikes into the heart of aspiring writers. It’s the fear of having your work stolen by other writers and even editors or publishers. But is it a real threat? And how can you avoid it?

Rules for Writing

Originally posted on Marie Flanigan's Blog:
Rules for Writing Robert Heinlein famously had six rules for writing. I used to have them framed in my office, but after a conversation with my nephew, I realized I now have my own rules. I have ten. Rules for Writing • Fingers-on-keyboard is the only way writing…

brokeback mountain

Writing the Love Interest

In the spirit of this weekend falling on Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d wade into the sticky (oo er missus) business of writing love. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of writing a love interest that doesn’t suck. Here are my pointers:


2015 Bristol Short Story Prize Open for Entries

Another opportunity for writers, as the Bristol Short Story Prize opens its doors for 2015 entries. The key facts: It costs £8 for each story entered Open to published and unpublished authors First prize £1,000 plus a £150 Waterstones gift card, 2nd prize £700 plus £100 Waterstones gift card and 3rd prize £400, plus £100…

Writing courses don't have to look like this to be worth attending

Don’t be suckered by rip-off writing courses

Writing is hard. That’s the first thing you find out when you join writing club. And because it’s hard, new writers are always looking for quick fixes. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. Fortunately, there are lots of people and organisations offering quick fixes that could just be the thing that helps you get your…

Dangerous Liaisons - a novel told through letters

Add Texture to Your Novel

In a single day, we gain information from a huge number of places. In the morning, most of us may put the radio on and listen to the news and then reach for our smartphones to catch up on emails and texts or social media. We get up and stroll downstairs for breakfast, noticing the morning…