Deadpool in media res

Writer’s Glossary: In Media Res

In Latin, in media res means into the middle of things. For writers this means start your story in the middle of the action to hook the reader. The temptation is to start a story at the beginning, but that often leads the reader wading through lots of preamble. Start the story when it gets good.

Elements of dystopian fiction

6 Elements of Dystopian Fiction

It seems that writing a dystopian YA novel, is the golden ticket to a film trilogy in Hollywood. Well, it may be too late to jump on the YA train, as it must be reaching dystopian saturation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t avenues to explore in other fiction markets. Dystopian fiction considers current day issues and takes them to a nightmarish conclusion. What if reality TV was fought to the death? The Hunger Games.

famous anti-heroes

Writer’s Glossary: Anti-hero

An anti-hero is a protagonist who lacks the attributes that we associate with a traditional hero. Whilst a hero is courageous, beautiful, loyal, strong and driven to uphold justice and protect the innocent, an anti-hero may be…

editing your novel

3 Steps for Editing Your Novel

Following on from my love of editing post, I’ve got a top tip for anyone about to edit their novel. This light bulb moment happened when I was reading  a friend’s book. I discovered a problem that probably hits most authors who edit their own work. So, my friend had self-published this novel and really loved it,…

editing like judge dredd

I Enjoy Editing and You Can Too

See, here’s the thing – editing seems to get a bad rap in the writing  world. It’s billed as this huge chore that happens at the end of all the joyous writing. It’s the thing that stops you from being able to share your masterpiece with the world or submit it anywhere. Some writers hate…