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Cafe Culture – Taunton’s Top Writing Spots

I urge you to give cafe writing a try. Keep a notebook in your bag or use your smartphone. If you’re meeting a friend in town, why not turn up an hour early and get some writing done, while you wait? Writers Anon is based in Taunton, Somerset, so here are my top writing spots for Taunton.


How to Handle Criticism

Most people are programmed to take criticism as a negative.  Besides, it’s way better to hear what people like about you or the things you do than hear the opposite. With writing, though, criticism is one of the most useful things a writer can get.  Assuming the criticism isn’t unfair or brutally scathing, it can…


A Celestial Moment

Today, everyone watched the skies to glimpse the partial eclipse. People gathered with their watching devices (keep it safe people) as the skies darkened and the birds fell silent and we took a moment to marvel at our place in the solar system.


Memorable Literary Mothers

Mother’s Day has just passed and offers us a good excuse to look at literary mothers. I threw the topic open to the whole Writers Anon group and we had an interesting discussion, over the week. What we discovered is a surprising dearth of literary mothers…


The Page is Printed Competition

Even if you don’t enter them, writing competitions can offer inspiration and even a writing prompt, if there’s a theme. So, I’m cheating this week and pointing you towards the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre’s The Page is Printed Competition. Although an empty page can be daunting for writers, this competition asks for a story a page…


Writing a Helpful Critique – 6 Points to Success

Nobody goes out to deliberately write rubbish. Unless they intend it as a joke, or some kind of bizarre social experiment, every single writer is in earnest.  They want to write a book people will enjoy reading and which enriches them with its content.  However, where an agent or editor will point out any shortcomings…


Why Writers Make Really Bad Parents

Last Week, Chella discussed how some authors have an (unfounded) fear of having their work stolen . While the chance of this happening is remote, the threat of losing a manuscript because you haven’t backed it up is real.

Creepy suburbia 
src. Suburban Life by Leonard Koscianski

A Strange Day in Suburbia

At Writers Anon this week, we were talking about mixing the strange with the familiar, as a way of creating a sense of unease. Your writing prompt: Your character wakes up for a regular day…

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What If Someone Steals Your Ideas?

I’ve seen a fear that strikes into the heart of aspiring writers. It’s the fear of having your work stolen by other writers and even editors or publishers. But is it a real threat? And how can you avoid it?