thriller characters

Key Ingredients for a Great Thriller Character

A good thriller should be brimming with suspense, high stakes, plot twists and heart-stopping moments, but with all that going on, it’s easy to sacrifice depth of character in favour of plot. So here are the key ingredients for a thriller character.


Writer’s Glossary: Character Voice

A particular story’s voice comes from whichever character is taking the POV. Their voice informs the tone, quirks, phrases and rhythm of the

The Power of Pen and Paper for Writer’s Block

Writers today have a wide range of tools, literally at their fingertips. However, I still find a place for pen and paper, in my writing habits. When I say this, I’m surprised how many writers I know shudder at the thought and cry, “Oh, no. I can’t write longhand. It’s just not the same as a keyboard”. No, it’s not the same, but that’s the point.

The grinch

Finding Time to Write at Christmas

We writers have the added stress of feeling like we should be getting words down on the page, but stressing about writing at Christmas isn’t a productive approach. There’s a balance to be struck, so here are my tips for finding time to write at Christmas.

Writers Glossary: Tense

On the Writer’s Glossary this week: Tense We all like a bit of tension in our novels, but this meaning refers to another of the fundamentals of narrative: past, present or future. Past The most common tense used in modern writing is past tense, implying the narrator is recalling or describing events which have already…

Writing in first-person

Writer’s Glossary: POV

On the Writer’s Glossary today… POV stands for Point of View – the access point through which the reader ‘enters’ the book. POV is usually written through the perception and thoughts of one of the main characters in first, second or third person viewpoint. Each POV type has its own merits and shortcomings, so some…

Writer’s Glossary: Redshirt

In the Writer’s Glossary today… Redshirt: This term originates from Star Trek, but is often found in printed fiction, too. A redshirt is a character destined to die soon after making their entrance. In the TV series, characters in red uniforms (usually security or engineering) would often meet some grisly fate before the end of…