Alone in the Dark

Sometimes, all you need is an image to spark off a story. Street photography is often a good place to start, as it offers snapshots of life and exposes strange coincidences and the bizarre or beautiful, in the banal and everyday.

Your writing prompt: Use the image below to write a scene or a story. The car and her clothes put her in a different time, is it the past or is an alternate now? Is she walking away reluctantly or scared and who’s in the car? Who is the POV character – the woman or the viewer?

Don’t forget to send us your scenes or post in comments, if you’d like to see your writing up on Writers Anon.

alone in the dark

Writing prompt: who is she and why is she there? Kimberley Tell photo – Caught Alone in the Dark


2 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark

  1. Go for it 🙂
    no word length, just as long as the story needs to be.
    No date set either. But you could always enter the 1 page comp at TacchI Morris, which closes at start of May. Now you have a goal 🙂


  2. Awesome photo. Very intriguing. Indeed why is she there? Tempted to have a crack at it myself. Would be nice to do a little fiction cross training. Word length is bloggish I take it? Due date?

    Liked by 1 person

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