A message that changes everything

Sometimes writers get stuck. We’ve all had it happen, but how do we get unstuck? Sometimes your characters just won’t leave a scene or situation. You can’t get them out of there, no matter how hard you try. One method is to kick the door down. Have an external character or event kick the door down and then all hell can break loose or they can escape and you can explain it later. The point is to just get the story moving again and get writing.

You don’t even have to have a door to kick it down. It’s not a literal door, it’s just a fuel injection to add a random element to your story – an accident, a radio announcement, a bomb or something as incidental as the phone ringing.

Your writing prompt: Your character(s) receive a communication that turns their day around. If they’re having a good day, it goes bad, if they’re having a bad day, it’s looking up or it may even become a whole lot worse.

leaping through glass

8 thoughts on “A message that changes everything

    • It’s one of those ‘Holy crap. Who the hell are you?’ moments.
      It’s hard not to keep writing when someone has just asked you that question.


      • Although if a troll kicks down the door it’s probably harder to say, ‘Who the hell are you?’ (One troll probably looking much like another.)
        I think the important thing is that it’s never random. It never refers back. If anything appears it’s because it is taking the story forward.

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